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  • Ms. Match  v.1.0Are you a girlfriend, tomboy, vixen, maverick, or genius?
  • Tux the Penguin: A Quest for Herring.  v.1.0.14A 3D search/explore game staring Tux the Linux Penguin and his girlfriend Gown as they solve problems and search a number of 3D levels for Golden Herring. Join the project to help coding. Right now the primary goal is to port the source code.
  • Azu  v.1.0This is my first attempt at a graphical game. In the past, I have attempted console games (but lacked the follow-through). This time, however, I will be working together with my artistic and amazing girlfriend to push me forward towards completion.
  • JExplosion - A Cool Java Minesweeper  v.rc.0.6.3A java based 'Minesweeper' clone that uses native javax.swing components as graphical interface. It comes with my cool feature of 'Invulnerabilty' - it enables you to go on after stepping on a mine - my girlfriend wished that ;-) ...
  • Jellyfish Quest  v.0.2Jellyfish Quest is an adventure game in which you play as a jellyfish out to rescue your girlfriend from Japanese fishermen. Features the flexible game mechanic of grabbing stuff with your tentacles, a rather silly plot, and tiny, tiny, graphics.
  • Nidhogg  v.1.0Nidhogg is a 2D adventure game. You are playing a young viking around the world in search for a moonstone, which he needs to revenge his father and get his girlfriend back...
  • Pkrss  v. is the windows pc ap. it read online rss message,and present for desktop lyric form, it also can speech the text. why i release it now,because i want some one who like it,may love it,like me love my first girlfriend, nowadays. 2012 we has ...
  • Saru ga Daisuki  v.1.0You are a yellow ninja monkey who's been caught by an evil doctor.
  • PenaltyFlip  v.1.1.0Time to show a penalty card, but can't decide which one? Show a red card, along with ejection and personal embarrassment? Or a yellow card, for a second chance, but with caution? Run PenaltyFlip, it turns your phone into a random red or yellow card.
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